Boys 3rds Basketball Finish Season w/ Winning Record

The 3rds Boys Basketball team came to play yesterday against Dexter.  The boys swarming defense turned into easy transition points for Beaver.  Lead by Alex Volcy with 20 points everyone on the Beaver Roster scored.
Most of the Beaver baskets were from quick transition lay ups, but when they had to run a half court offense they were deadly from the 3 point line.  Dan Sheets (1), Eric Lebassi (1), Alex Volcey (1), Eric Reed (1), and Noah Hyatt (2) all hit from down town yesterday.  The boys were 6 for 9 when shooting from 3 point range.
The win at Dexter gave the 3rds Boys a winning record and allowed them to finish the season on a good note.  They also had a chance to see that with good defense and fundamentals they can be an overwhelming opponent.

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