Model UN 2012

Beaver at Model UN

Beaver’s Model UN club participated in the Boston Invitational Model United Nations (BOSMUN), a prestigious three day conference in which 1400 students from around the world took part.

The club’s advisor, Sumaya Ibourk, took six students to the conference. The students have been working tirelessly for the past three months on several topics that were assigned by the conference committee. The school was well represented by the following students: Sydney Allen ’14, Alexandra Fissler ’13, Alexander Freedgood ’13, Josh Roy ’15, Gabriel Snyder ’14 and Marcia Zimmerman ’15. Alexander Freedgood, who was a delegate in the ‘International Criminal Court’ won ‘Honorable Delegate’.

Sydney Allen and Alexandra Fissler were in the UNCSW (United Nations Commission for the Status of Women). They each had to write two papers on gender equality and women’s rights. Sydney represented New Zealand and Alex represented Monaco which meant that they both pretended to be an official delegate from the country they were assigned. The papers were due a week before the conference. At the conference, they were expected to debate and discuss the issues they researched.

Josh Roy and Marcia Zimmerman were both in the UNCSCD (United Nations Commission for Social Development). They each wrote and submitted papers on youth unemployment and on social integration. Marcia represented New Zealand and Josh represented Monaco.

Gabriel Snyder was in the UNSC (The Security Council). He represented the United States and his committee discussed the topic of ‘should Palestine be granted statehood’.

Alex Freedgood participates in Model UN

Alex Freedgood was in the ICC (International Criminal Court). He was Judge ‘Sir Adrian Fulford’, a real life judge who works in the ICC. He was given two cases to work on for the past few months. He was asked to prosecute Hugo Chavez because of Chavez’s connection to FARC, a guerilla organization. Alex was also asked to defend George W. Bush in a trial of the U.S. invading Iraq.

Congratulations to all the students!

Top Photo: (L-R) Gabriel Snyder ’14, Alexandra Fissler ’13, Sydney Allen ’14, Alexander Freedgood ’13, Marcia Zimmerman ’15, and Josh Roy ’15


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