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Here’s a thesis by NuVu student Kristopher Bronner on why he wants to take the Nanotechnology studio, an interesting perspective in which he explores the relation between “creation” and “imagination.” We’ll touch base with Kristopher after the studio finishes in 2 weeks in a follow-up blog that focuses on what he learned in the studio, any new understanding he gained in how creation and imagination connect, and other questions the studio raised for him.

by Kristopher Bronner

Creation— the one word everyone in the universe consciously or unconsciously searches for and utilizes every moment of his or her life. Imagination— creation of thoughts and possibly palpable manifestations. These two words create infinite possibilities. Throughout my life, my journey to understand the relation of these had led me to explore and research neurology, quantum physics, sacred geometry— way too much to list! Of course, we must go inward to understand the external! I know that the opportunity presented to understand nanotechnology will enhance my search for a clearer understanding to the colossal mystery and abilities of these two words.

Nanotechnology is defined by the dictionary1 as, “the branch of technology that deals with dimensions and tolerances of less than 100 nanometers, esp. the manipulation of individual atoms and molecules.”2 I believe, however, that Dr. Ryan’s definition would be completely different, or at least in the intentional significance of the topic. Dr. Ryan talked today3 about how we can grow (create) from nanotechnology, and that that creation could be significantly attached to our consciousness (imagination)—the “seed.”

I believe that this program will enrich my understanding of the connection of creation and imagination. I find it fascinating to contemplate whether imagination creates, or creation imagines! Maybe it is both and maybe neither! I know that Ryan’s program will both complement and challenge my views and will be an amazing addition to my experiences!

Do we have the ability to use imagination to create, and creation to fuel imagination?
Is there something that truly binds us all, and makes us “one”? (Possibly the “Flower of Life”)
Do shapes really affect how we live and did ancient cultures understand this?

I would really look forward to grasping a better understanding of these mysteries in the nanotechnology studio! It would not only be an advancement of my learning but also an advancement of my understanding of even myself! This opportunity would truly give me a “New View” on who I am and the relation between creation and imagination!

Thank You!

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3 Friday, September 17, 2010

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