SketchUp & 3d Modeling

Our last day of Genius Camp began with a quick introduction and talk by Dr. Ryan Wartena on the Nanotechnology Studio. In the studio, students will begin to understand the basic structures that compose life and will also begin the design of a “Seed Atlas.”

We then began a quick tutorial on SketchUp (a 3d modeling program made by Google). The students learnt how to model and sculpt their designs and then used the program to design a 2″x2″ component for their Marshmallow Challenge spaghetti structures. The components would then be prototyped via the 3d printer called “Cupcake CNC.” The students picked up the modeling techniques quite quickly and soon were designing complex structures.

Here David Wang puts the final touches on the self-built “Cupcake CNC,” an open source 3D printer rapid prototyping machine made by MakerBot Industries.

The Cupcake in action printing one of the student teams’ components.

Students enjoy working together at NuVu and it shows!

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