Kader Adjout and Joe Christy to present “Code This!” at Innovate 2015 Re-Imagining School in São Paulo, Brazil

Kader Adjout and Joe Christy attended several exciting workshops – and are presenting at one on Saturday – at Innovate 2015 Re-Imagining School in São Paulo, Brazil.

Innovate 2015 marks Graded School’s commitment to re-imagining the type of school that best serves and inspires students for tomorrow’s world. At the conference, innovators from across the globe are engage in dialogue designed to ignite new ideas and build the foundation for change students deserve.

Adjout and Christy have attended several workshops, including Coding and 3D Printing in Openscad by Matt Reynolds, a teacher at the Graded School. The workshop took place in his classroom and students used Openscad to create objects for their 3D printer. In addition, the Beaver teachers also attended Game Principles and Gamification Tools for Education by Joey Lee, a professor at Columbia University. He talked about ways of using game thinking and game-like elements to help students actively engage in the learning process.

Adjout and Christy present their work Saturday, March 7 at a workshop called Code This!.

Stay tuned for a recap of the workshop!

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