Beaver Athletes Named League All-Stars

Several BCDS athletes were named Eastern Independent League (EIL) All-Stars at the spring athletics awards ceremony on May 19. In separate end-of-season ceremonies, coaches presented school awards to outstanding varsity and JV athletes and to promising middle school athletes on spring teams.

“I would like to congratulate our student-athletes who were selected as EIL All-League performers in their respective sports. It is an accomplishment to be recognized for their high skill level as much as their sportsmanship,” said Director of Athletics, Sherry Levin.

Eastern Independent League All-Stars (Spring 2010)

Boys’ Varsity Tennis:
Pierre Planche ’10 (#1 singles)
Henry Moorhead ’10 (#2 singles)
Julian Fialkow ’12 (#3 singles)
Lukas Mead ’10 & Kris Bronner ’12 (#1 doubles)

Varsity Baseball
Danny Segel ’10

Boys’ Varsity Lacrosse:
Charlie Jackson ’11
Matt Friedman ’10

Girls’ Varsity Lacrosse:
Hannah Searle ’11
Tess Anderson ’13

Honorable Mentions:
Dan Fellman ’10 – baseball
Oliver Hunt ’11 – boys’ lacrosse
Michelle Freeman ’11 – girls’ lacrosse
Brae Cabot ’10 – softball
Lani Mann ’11 – girls’ tennis
Colin Read ’10 & Jay Rodman ’10 – boys’ tennis (#2 doubles)

Upper School Team Awards (Spring 2010)

Varsity Baseball
Danny Segal ’10 (MVP)
Connor Laubenstein ’12 (Coaches Award)

Varsity Softball
Brae Cabot ’10 (MVP)
Rachel Maltz ’10 (Coaches Award)

Boys’ Varsity Lacrosse
Matt Friedman ’10 (MVP)
Isaac Chafkin ’12 & Anthony Richardson ’12 & Danny DeLeon ’11 (Coaches Award)

Girls’ Varsity Lacrosse
Tess Anderson ’13 (MVP)
Alex Strawbridge ’10 (Coaches Award)

Boys’ Varsity Tennis
Pierre Planche ’10 (MVP)
Henry Moorhead ’10 (Coaches Award)

Girls’ Varsity Tennis
Lani Mann ’11 (MVP)
Sarah Jane Devins ’12 (Coaches Award)

Ultimate Frisbee
Tyler Starr ’10 (MVP)
Sam Lynch ’10 (Coaches Award)

Boys’ JV Tennis
Diego Fiori ’12(MVP)
Malte Heissel ’13 (Coaches Award)

Girls’ JV Tennis
Melissa Carp ’12 (MVP)
Marie-Annett Bernard ’11 (Coaches Award)

Middle School Team Awards (Spring 2010)

Peter Killelea ’15 (Most Improved)
Jamie Kennedy ’15 (Coaches Award)

Marissa Langevin ’14 (Most Improved)
Emily Cudhea-Pierce ’14 (Coaches Award)

Girls’ Lacrosse
Lina Sullivan ’15 (Most Improved)
Kathy Rodriguez ’14 (Coaches Award)

Boys’ Lacrosse
Ellis Cordaro ’16 (Most Improved)
Joe Chafkin ’14 (Coaches Award)

DeAndre Dymski ’14 (Most Improved)
Pablo Fiori ’16 (Coaches Award)

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