Kathleen Kosberg


Words and language fascinate me. I love to read fictional novels and I believe I am a fairly confident and creative writer. I love to talk to people, articulating whatever happens to be on my mind at the time and listening to what they have to say. Hopefully there’s usually a balance between the two! I also enjoy television and movies, particularly if I can get lost in someone else’s drama for a little while. During the summers I teach English as a Second Language to international teenagers. Learning about other cultures and languages is exciting and enlightening for me. I also love to run. I have coached cross country and track and field over the years, and I often participate in local road races and have completed three marathons. The past few years have been busy and momentous for me. I got married, purchased a home and started a family. I now have two wonderful little boys who keep me active, supply me with constant entertainment and wonder, and fill me with more pride and happiness than I ever thought possible. If you stop by my classroom or catch me in the hallways, I’m sure you’ll wind up hearing about them! Three words that describe me well are sensitive, proud and frenetic. Bringing these traits into the classroom, I believe, has made me a strong and happy teacher.