Ann Bevan Hollos

As a teacher and administrator for the last 16 years at independent middle schools in Pennsylvania, Colorado, and Massachusetts, Ann Bevan is committed to creating lessons that push students to think critically. As the Associate Director of the Middle School, Ann Bevan supports faculty in doing the same.  At Beaver since 2004, her job includes managing all aspects of middle school student life, including discipline, scheduling, and coordination of the afternoon programs.  Ann Bevan particularly enjoys helping foster student leadership skills via student council and facilitation of morning meetings.  In 2006-07, she coordinated Beaver’s ten-year NEASC re-accreditation process, which gave her greater insight into virtually every aspect of the school, from curriculum to governance to student experience.  Beaver is always examining what it does and thinking about ways to be better, a philosophy that fits well with her own dedication to seeing life as a set of experiences from which to learn.