Club Spotlight: Music Discovery and Analysis

Club: Music Discovery and Analysis
Club Leaders: Max Levy ’25, Bowie Gray ’24, Gray Goldberg ’25
Terms Running: Fall, Winter, Spring

Music Discovery and Analysis is a club for anyone that loves music. Each week, the club meets to listen to new song releases, discuss artists and current events, and share music. The club was created for those that have a strong passion for the world of music but may not necessarily play an instrument or sing.

We’re a club for anyone that is interested in music but does not play an instrument, or [anyone that] just wants to learn about other artists and discover new music.

-Bowie Gray ’24, Club Leader

Recently, club members participated in filling out music-themed March Madness brackets, sparking debates over which artists should advance to the top spot. The club has also been getting outside students involved in the fun, hosting a Jeopardy game for other clubs to compete with their musical knowledge. These activities highlight a core mission of the club, which is to bring students together through a shared love of music.

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