US Weekly Wrap-Up: 02.16.24

Here is a short wrap-up from this past week—February 5 through February 9—in the Upper School.

On Monday, Trigonometry students participated in trig puzzles. The goal of each puzzle was to lift a “mental weight” and use calculations to determine how each puzzle could be solved.

In Advisory, students learned about a new BVR-X course being piloted for 9-11th graders, Introduction to Python and Coding Lab. These G-block classes will meet two days per week and students will receive 2.5 credits upon completion at the end of the term.

Students kicked off spirit week in Advisory with a reminder about each day’s theme:

  • Tuesday: DYNAMIC DUOS 
  • Wednesday: BEAVER GEAR
  • Thursday: JERSEY DAY
  • Friday: WEAR ALL BLACK

Tuesday was a snow day for students due to inclement weather.

Independent Research students took a trip to the Boston Public Library on Wednesday. The trip was designed for students to gain a better understanding of how libraries serve as community hubs for research and access to various free resources.

On Thursday, 9th and 10th grade students got off campus for ice skating trips. The experience allowed students to connect with one another, have some fun, and reset before the end of the winter term.

Students in Black Joy Global History + Social Sciences presented their research on issues within the BIPOC community that are meaningful and authentic to them. The class was tasked with answering the project’s essential question: How do you use your genius to see the issues around you, recognize your agency, and act to impact positive change? Several presentations occurred around campus, with various Faculty/Staff members serving as audiences for the students.

Friday was Dam Jam at Beaver, an exciting day full of school spirit and festivities leading up to a night of basketball.

To kick off the day, a Faculty/Staff vs. Students basketball game took place. After a close game (and overtime!), the Faculty/Staff team emerged victorious with a score of 25-24.

The Upper School Film Festival occurred, organized by the Film Club. Students and Faculty members gathered to watch several student-made films. At the end of the festival, the Film Club handed out various awards to the filmmakers.

On the D-Level, students gathered to create posters for Dam Jam. The poster-making activity was planned by the Student Body Advisory Council.

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