MS Minutes: 01.16.24

Hello, Middle School Students and Families! Below is this week’s MS Meeting recap.

Fiona Freedman ’29 ran today’s meeting. You can check out the slides from this week’s meeting here.


Arsema Ayele ’30, Catherine Crooker ’30, and Alice Gametchu-Walker ’30 presented: comes to class on time with necessary materials and a ready-to-learn attitude.

If you don’t come to class with the right materials, it can impact your learning and you won’t get your work done thoroughly. If you don’t have the materials you need, you can’t do the learning required. Coming to class on time means you won’t be behind on the directions. It lets you have time to walk in and get your stuff ready without rushing. A ready-to-learn attitude means you are sitting in your seat, listening to the teacher, having your materials, and wanting to learn.


Hallowe’en Party (A Haunting in Venice) by Agatha Christie

Recommended by Elliot Fayne ’30

This book is about a murder, it’s a mystery. It takes place at a Halloween party in a small town. It’s a detective story that is very conversation-filled.

You’d like it if you like trying to be the detective too.


Seniors (and lifers—they started BVR in 6th grade) Bowie Gray ’24 and Ava Bialow ’24 announced the Heliconian—Beaver’s literary and arts magazine—published annually. Beaver students and faculty can submit any work—from drawings to poems to photography to recordings and more; Middle School students are encouraged to submit work.

Kyle Benton ’28, Baker Henson ’28, and Nate Howard ’28 announced the 8th annual Film Festival.

Last year we participated in the film festival. We created a film based on the theme and submitted it. Our film was accepted and shown in the film festival in Bradley Hall. We enjoyed coming up with our idea for the movie and filming it. The film festival is fun because you get to watch other people’s films. Making a movie is a cool way to interact and collaborate with others. We plan to submit again this year, and you should, too!

The theme for this year’s festival is nostalgia. Videos should be three and a half minutes or shorter; the deadline for submissions is February 13.

Matthew Baltay ’28 and Joza Wang ’28 announced this year’s 8th-grade visual arts showcase. All 8th graders have work displayed in the art gallery.

Students were asked to submit a piece they felt strongly about. Some of the themes explored in 8th grade are Deconstruction, Layers, Relaying Information, Collections and Curating, Art of the Ugly, Portraits, and Light. This work showcases student’s interests, passions, strengths, and ability to take risks.

We welcome students and families to stop by the gallery this week and next to see their work. You can also view a digital version here.

Ms Garayua, Reid Bugbee ’28, Addie Marsh ’28, Rishaan Chowdhury ’29, and Alessandro Traverso ’30 reminded everyone the Hiatt Social Justice Retreat is next week on Friday, January 26. The students talked about why they encourage students to sign up, including that they learned a lot about social justice in a hands-on engaging way.

Ms. Yang announced that a Chinese university student will be coming to Beaver from January 24 through February 9. The student intern will be in Chinese classes with Ms. Yang. Beaver is looking for a family who would like to host this student while they are here so they can experience life in an American household. Please let Ms. Hollos know if you are interested!

Rishaan Chowdhury ’29 announced the month’s guess the candy in the jar: airhead extremes.

Next Monday, January 22 is the Semester Switch. This means that students who have been taking Visual Arts will switch to Theater Arts, and students who have been taking Theater Arts will switch to Visual Arts.

This Friday, January 19 there are no arts classes; special classes will be held:

  • 6th grade will have special programming when they usually have arts class.
  • 7th and 8th grades will have wellness classes when they usually have arts classes (8th grade with Will Slotnick and 7th grade with Ms Graham).



Today’s RISE activity was bracelet making. Through fun activities, students learn how to deal with stress and worry.

This week’s advisory agenda: silent drawing. For this fun activity, students will work in pairs to silently draw a picture given a starting point.

This week’s home games:

Girls A Basketball
vs Dedham Country Day – 3:30 p.m., Gym A

Check out the athletic schedules on the BVR website.

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