BVR Incubator recap: Rodney Glasgow discusses the future of education

At the very first Virtual BVR Incubator, innovative educational leader and current Head of School at Sandy Spring Friends School Rodney Glasgow met with educators and industry professionals to discuss the future of teaching and learning. Glasgow led attendees through topics such as AI in education, formative vs. summative assessments, and leading with empathy in the classroom.

To start the presentation, Glasgow reflected on the origins of modern education and the trends he sees emerging. Statistics on how students and educators are using artificial intelligence in the classroom challenged attendees to consider how AI can be a tool rather than an obstacle. Glasgow touched on Gen Alpha–the generation currently rising through the school system–and how their style of learning will necessitate innovation. The importance of empathy was also discussed, emphasizing that students require pressure to be relieved prior to engaging in rigorous work.

Attendees asked questions and shared thoughts following Glasgow’s presentation. Conversations were occurring in several corners of the Incubator, with attendees speaking up on camera and sending in questions via chat. The resulting dialogue was one that not only addressed the current challenges of teaching and learning, but also the potential solutions.

More information about the Virtual BVR Incubator series: The BVR Incubator series is designed to facilitate engaging conversations—over Zoom—on the future of teaching and learning. These conversations are led by practitioners in the field and are open to everyone who wonders and cares about students, teaching, and the future of education. Whether you attended Future FocusED in 2023, plan to attend in 2024, or simply want to engage with industry leaders, you can stay updated on what’s next in the Incubator series by visiting the Future FocusED website.

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