South Asian affinity group members host Diwali celebration

The D-Level was transformed into a Diwali celebration when members of the South Asian affinity group–led by Harris Kader ’25 and Neal Mahidhar ’26–organized an Upper School event to honor the Hindu holiday. At one table, paint and markers were used to decorate tiny ceramic dishes. At another, Ms. Ching and a group of students navigated the Indian board game Parcheesi. A major highlight of the event came in the form of a henna station manned by Ms. Jain and the queue of students eagerly awaiting a henna tattoo.

Our goal for the event was for students to have a glimpse of what a typical Diwali celebration would look like. With games, snacks, and henna, and other small activities, we think the event was enjoyable for the students.

-Harris Kader ’25 & Neal Mahidar ’26

Behind the snacks, music, and activities enjoyed by attendees was an incredible amount of planning and collaboration within the South Asian affinity group. “At the beginning of the year, Neal and I were thinking of ideas we could have with affinity group,” Harris states. “We noticed how close Diwali was and we pitched the idea during the first affinity group meeting.” After getting their peers on board with the idea, the group consulted with teachers in order to brainstorm and find ways to maximize the event’s impact.

Our favorite part of the experience was definitely the event itself. It felt good being able to share our culture with our peers. Planning the event was not very stressful, the faculty we worked with made bringing this idea to life a breeze.

-Harris Kader ’25 & Neal Mahidar ’26

The affinity group hopes to continue the momentum from the Diwali celebration with another school-wide event later in the year.

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