Middle School play: The Alibis

When the curtains pull back and The Alibis begins, actors appear by the dozen, smirking and bickering as a mysterious (and hilarious) story begins to unfold. A detective begins to question the cast of eccentric characters. Students behind the control panel adjust the colorful scenery. Technicians wheel sets on and off stage. Through teamwork, expertise and excitement, students bring the world of The Alibis to life.

Like any great detective story, the show plays out in a series of interviews and reenactments of each character’s alibi. What sets The Alibis apart, however, is the absurdity of these alibis. One suspect aims to exonerate themself through the story of stealing candy from a kid. Another shares the details of their daughter’s birthday present gone horribly wrong. If it sounds chaotic, that’s because it is; each suspect is whackier than the last, creating a hilarious pursuit of the truth.

Offstage, students work in a variety of roles to effectively tell the story. Sound effects, sets, and lighting are all manned by student technicians eager to show off what they have been rehearsing for weeks. The charm of The Alibis is largely dependent on the smaller details, giving the stage crew and student technicians a crucial role in telling the story.

From a clueless detective to a disgruntled chef, The Alibis offers actors the opportunity to portray truly unique characters unlike any they’ve encountered before. Each scene depicts larger than life scenarios that come alive through the comedic and dramatic sensibilities of each student. Whether The Alibis marks an actors’ return to the stage or their debut at Beaver, the cast is united in their willingness to have fun and make the audience laugh.

You can catch The Alibis on October 26th and 27th at 6 p.m. in Bradley Hall. You can purchase tickets to either performance here!

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