2023 MS Winter Music Exhibit is now LIVE

We’re excited to share the videos from the 2023 MS Winter Music Exhibit! During this three-day musical extravaganza, the five Middle School ensembles performed in front of their peers and teachers. These “open classes” also included music activities, games, and discussions.

Check out the three days of performances:

Conversation starters for MS parents/caregivers
After watching the videos, we encourage you to talk to your student about their experience. Some questions to consider:

  • Can you show me/teach me how you do that?
  • How do you feel you’ve grown as a musician since the first exhibit?
  • What was the most challenging part of the exhibit?
  • Let’s follow along and do the games and activities together.
  • How did it feel to play for your peers?
  • Did you learn anything new that surprised you?
  • What would you like to be able to do next on your instrument?

Save the Date: We’re excited to have you on campus at the end of the year to see all our ensembles LIVE at our Spring Music Exhibit on Thursday, June 1!

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