Club Spotlight: DECA

Upper School
Club: DECA
Club Leaders: Nayan Brainerd-Ghosh ’24, Reid Sullivan ’24, Charlie Heyworth ’24, Alice Matov ’23, Read Harvey ’23
Terms Running: Fall, Winter, Spring

DECA has enough members to warrant meeting in two separate classrooms every Club Block. In one room, a club leader runs members through a detailed agenda for the day. In another, students are hard at work on pitches for a Shark Tank event. DECA is like this; highly motivated, organized, and excited about the work they are doing.

DECA is an interscholastic business competition. So, we’ll compete with other schools in Mass and up to the national level in a business problem solving competition.

-Reid Sullivan ’24

At their recent District Competition in December, 10 out of 17 club members advanced to the State Championship. The following students also placed in the top six of their event:

  • Start-Up Business Plan Paper Nayan Brainerd-Ghosh, Charlie Heyworth, Reid Sullivan
  • Principles of Hospitality and Tourism Max Delaney
  • International Business Plan Zaylin Calderon
  • Apparel & Accessories Marketing Series Ellie Katz

Club members Alexander Chang, Zack Gross, Hunter Chacko, Zak Faris, and Charlie Reisig also advanced to the state conference. As one club leader explains, “we had four people make it to states last year and now we have ten this year”. This increase can be attributed to the hard work and dedication DECA club members shown. It can also be accredited to the massive growth the club has seen since it was founded last year.

Last year, the club grew from 9 people to 27. I don’t believe everyone is competing this year but in general, the club members did grow.

-Alice Matov ’23

Alice Matov and Read Harvey are credited with bringing the club to Beaver. After a successful first year, more Beaver students became intrigued by the unique challenges of DECA. At its core, DECA prepares emerging leaders for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management. The club is active in high schools and colleges around the world with over 220,000 members to show for it. You can read more about DECA here.

Looking ahead, DECA members at Beaver have a lot to look forward to. March 9-11 marks the state championship at the Copley Center in Boston for the 10 advancing members. For members not working on preparations for the state championship, a simulated Shark Tank is coming up. Additionally, the founder of Dumpling Daughter is planned to visit to discuss food and entrepreneurship with the club.

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