Out of Office: religion, puppets, and hockey at Fenway

Beaver Girls Hockey at Fenway

Out of Office is a series from Head of School Kim Samson that highlights/focuses on time spent outside of her office: in the BVR hallways, classrooms, stages, fields, and beyond.

Happy 2023! As we settle back into our post-holiday groove, I wanted to share some highlights from the first few weeks of the new year.

Should this religious holiday be a day off from school?
As part of an 8th-grade project-based experience, Chai, Tiffany, and I have been the authentic audience for four groups of students about religious holidays at Beaver. These 8th-grade students surveyed and interviewed individuals in both divisions to find out more about the variety of religions represented in our community and had some interesting thoughts about the holidays that should be on our school calendar. They also had suggestions on how we could educate the community about important religious holidays and which ones we might want to consider honoring with a day off from school. Their presentations were well-researched, informed, articulately delivered, and passionate. We are implementing some of their advice in our communications with students and teachers around absences and assignments during religious holidays (though no new days off as of yet!). The students did a great job and we appreciated their thoughtful approach to this topic. Thanks to Kristin FitzGerald and Megan Wu Macomber, their dedicated and innovative teachers!

What makes a puppet, a puppet?
Middle School students have been offered tickets to The Life Of Pi at the American Repertory Theater (ART) in Cambridge. In preparation for this event, the 7th-grade Theater Arts Class at Beaver had the opportunity to explore puppetry with an artist from the American Repertory Theater. The artist shared with students the aspects of how to bring a puppet to life and students made their own puppets with the pieces of cloth she provided. Thrilled to join in, I took off my scarf and began to pretend it was a puppet! You can watch a short video of the experience on our Instagram.

Does Fenway Park bring Beaver luck?
Last Wednesday evening,  as I walked towards Fenway Park for the Girls Varsity Ice Hockey vs. Winsor game, I bumped into three Beaver seniors (thankfully, I should note, as I was very much on my way to getting lost!). They excitedly shared their adventures of taking the “T” into the city as they guided me to the Beaver seats. Soon, I was sitting among parents, faculty, and staff cheering for the Beaver. Winsor’s season has been a strong one, so it was an upset when we WON 5-1! A dusting of snow fell on the seats and rink below us and the crowd went WILD! The student section cheered loudly throughout the game and stayed to congratulate the team as they exited the stadium. The Beaver students were all smiles, so excited to have been part of it. It was a great night, one the team and anyone there watching will remember for years to come.

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