Club Spotlight: Film Club

Upper School

Club: Film Club
Club Leader: Avery Moss ‘24
Terms Running: Fall, Winter, Spring

The Film Club is a group structured around the discussion and analysis of films. To kick off their very first meeting of the year, students took turns sharing what their favorite movies are. Jurassic Park, Coraline, Midsommar– the responses could not be more diverse, and neither could the interests of Film Club as a whole.

“Film Club is extremely open… this club is here because we want to discuss certain movies and if we get off topic that’s perfectly fine.”

-Owen Eddy, 25’

Due to time constraints in the US weekly club blocks, Film Club does not actually watch movies during their meetings. Instead, the group votes on movies to watch over the course of the week and then report back with what they enjoyed and didn’t enjoy.

Rather than focusing solely on the directing or acting, Film Club makes an effort to analyze all aspects of film, including ones that often go unnoticed.

“We like to discuss things that aren’t as commonly discussed like sound design and cinematography.”

-Avery Moss ‘24

The Film Club is also responsible for an annual film festival at Beaver. The film festival invites students in both the Middle School and Upper School, along with faculty, to participate in sharing homemade movies.

“It’s really exciting to see people both in and out of the club share their creativity with the rest of the student body… it’s always something really special.”

-Avery Moss ‘24

Looking ahead, Film Club is eager to spend the Fall Term diving into a wide range of movies!

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