Out of Office: Hosting a Conference, Sharpening Skates, and Visiting a Pineapple Under the Sea

Juniors Ice Skating

Out of Office is a series from Head of School Kim Samson that highlights/focuses on her time spent outside of her office (and meetings!) and in the hallways, classrooms, stages, fields, and beyond.

Independent School Gender Project
I’ve been a part of ISGP since the mid-1990s when it began as a group of schools interested in knowing more about the experiences of girls and women in independent schools. Three years ago, I joined the Board of ISGP which has now broadened its scope to include boys and students who don’t identify on the gender binary. Our goal is to advance gender dialogue and equity at work, school, and beyond.

The yearly ISGP Symposium was held in Boston earlier this month and 20 participants visited Beaver to hear from our teachers and students about how we design curriculum and engage in discussions focused on gender throughout the school. The program was substantive and teachers from other independent schools were impressed with all we have to offer on this topic.

We also had a Zoom presentation on the Research Level from artist Angela Lorenz, whose “Victorious Secret” exhibit has been in our Griffin Gallery in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Title IX. The symposium was a wonderful in-person event; I could not have been more proud to share with colleagues from other schools what we do at Beaver!

Ice Skating
I had the best time ice skating with the seniors and the juniors on their class outings to local rinks. It’s been a few years since I’ve laced up my figure skates … but it came back! The kids had such a great time out there, and I loved seeing the better skaters help their classmates with less experience onto the ice!

Spongebob: The Musical
What amazing energy was brought to the stage for the Middle School musical! Seeing our youngest students singing, dancing, and having great fun together in “Bikini Bottom” was an absolute JOY. Beaver music and theater teachers worked long hours alongside the students to bring this fabulous production to fruition. I’m so thankful for their dedication and for the joy the entire cast and crew brought to life.


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