Middle School Feed Your Brain: Summer 2021 Edition

Feed Your Brain

To help our students use their summer effectively and prepare for the fall, we want to share a list of activities and opportunities for students to feed their brains while away from school.

The list includes options that are indoor and outdoor, as well as a variety of ways for students to engage with the world around them to feed their brains!

Please note: This list is merely a sampling to inspire students to think creatively and get started.

Feed Your Brain Summer 2020


General knowledge

Math skills

Language skills





  • Cook something!
  • Plant some vegetables, herbs, or flowers in your yard or a planter

Design & create


Relaxation & mindfulness



  • Write a short story, poem, novel, or whatever you like
  • Keep a diary or journal. Write down feelings throughout the day
  • Keep a gratitude log. At the end of each day, write down what you are thankful for


  • Play music in the house to shift or influence the mood in your home
  • Listen to a Podcast

Bonus: Exercise Your Brain

  • Play these Brain Games to enhance the power of your brain

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