2021 MS Social Justice Retreat

On Friday, January 29, 2021, Middle School students engaged in conversations about identity and privilege in relation to social justice topics in a safe and welcoming space. The theme of this year’s retreat focused on wellness and self-care practices and their relationship to identity work and social justice. Workshop facilitators supported the students and helped them work together to share stories, acknowledge differences, and find commonalities—with the aim to build a deeper, more inclusive, and more committed community.

Check out some of the highlights from the day below:

What is Social Justice?

Keynote Speaker: Joddy Nwankwo ’18
Because You Matter: The Importance of Identity + Personal Care

Beaver alumna Joddy Nwankwo ’18 talked about the relationship between identity, self-care, and social justice. She reflected on her experience attending Beaver’s Middle School when she often asked herself “Who am I?” After watching Joddy’s presentation, consider the following questions:

  • What did you notice about yourself while listening to Joddy’s story?
  • What factors shape our identities?
  • What happens when others view us differently than we view ourselves?
  • How do our identities influence the choices we make about how to treat people in our communities?
  • If applicable, in what ways do you feel parts of your identity connect to the BVR community? Are there ways you feel disconnected?

More About the Workshop Choices

More About The Keynote & Afternoon Sessions

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