Senior Annual Fund Campaign 2020: 100 percent, 100 hours, 100 years

Class of 2020 Senior Class Lunch

The Class of 2020 successfully completed its Senior Annual Fund Campaign, reaching 100 percent participation in 100 hours to celebrate 100 years of Beaver. This made it the shortest student campaign in the school’s history!

Hosted by the Philanthropy + Engagement Office, the Senior Annual Fund Campaign is a yearly giving effort that welcomes that year’s graduating class into the BVRalumni community and rallies support for the Annual Fund. The campaign kicked off with a tropical-themed lunch where the nine student members of the Senior Annual Fund Committee—who had met weekly in the weeks leading up the launch—shared what inspired them to be a part of this effort.

Some highlights include:

“I believe that the Beaver community is unique. From the support of the college counselors to the activities like color wars, and all the amazing people who are at this school, I’ve had an amazing four years to look back on as I become an alumna.”

– Ellie Sabet ’20

“Something that stands out to me when I look back on my seven years at Beaver is the way that the school has evolved. The R+D Center and the Turf field have all shaped my time here and those changes are possible because of philanthropy.”

– Brett Siegal ’20

“Looking back at my time at Beaver, something that has made my experience really great is the faculty and staff that push us to be great and have pushed me to take chances in my own learning. The Annual Fund provides the means to ensure we get the best staff and resources to support us.”

– Randall Vega ’20

Congrats to the Senior Class for such a thoughtful and successful campaign for BVR during our Centennial year!

Senior Annual Fund Giving Campaign 2020

2020 Senior Annual Fund Campaign Committee
Melina Bertsekas’ 20
Teddy Duval’ 20
Duncan Jurayj ’20
Ellie Sabet ’20
Alex Shigueta ’20
Brett Siegal ’20
Henry Tsai ’20
Neena Val ’20
Randall Vega ’20


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