Jessica McLear P’20 gives student CEOs tips, techniques for Shark Day

Jessica McClear visits entreprenuership

Jessica McLear P’20 of Launchpad Venture Group visited the entrepreneurship elective to chat with students as they gear up for this term’s Shark Day on March 1.

McLear talked about how she got involved in investing, what an angel investor is, how and where she spends her days, and all of the different roles she plays at her firm (which are a lot!).

She then spent time hearing from students about their business ideas and where they are in the pitch preparation process, offering advice on key decisions. She shared with them what she really looks for in the financial projection section of a business plan; the importance of clearly identifying your target market; and pointers and techniques on how to make the most out of a small pitch window.

McClear will be back as one of our “sharks” (aka judges) on Shark Day.

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