Three Student-Athletes Receive Athletic Accolades

Brielle Butler, David Jacquet, and Gabe Belkind

As the spring athletics season draws to a close, Brielle Butler ’12 (girls’ varsity lacrosse), David Jacquet ’12 (boys’ varsity lacrosse), and Gabe Belkind ’15 (MS tennis) were named this week’s Athletic Accolade recipients.

“Brielle makes a huge impact in every game as an aggressive defensive player, despite being fairly new to lacrosse,” says coach Liz Skinner. “We are always confident that she will rise to any challenge and push her teammates to do the same. Her leadership was also recently noted by a referee who complimented Brielle after overhearing her encourage her teammates to keep their heads up when they felt defeated. We are lucky to have a skilled athlete with so much heart on our team.”

“David, a junior long pole, has been the backbone on the defensive side of the field this season,” says coach Jeff Anderson. “His athleticism, speed, strength, and fitness have been an integral part of our team’s success, securing a second consecutive post-season birth. David’s leadership and work ethic has set the tone for the younger players on the team and his maturity makes him an excellent candidate as a captain for next years squad.”

“Gabe has had an outstanding season so far. He has the best record on the team (5-1) and plays number one singles,” says coach Aime Larson. “Being number one is a tough job. He is going up against the best player on the opposing team. Gabe handles the pressure very well and is eager to get on the court and play hard. He has good sportsmanship and truly represents our team well. He has won every match over the past two weeks, 8-3, 8-3, and 7-6.”

Photo: Brielle Butler ’12, David Jacquet ’12, and Gabe Belkind ’15

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