Hiatt Stipends Further Summer Experiences in Service and Social Justice

Students who earned Hiatt Summer Stipends

Beaver’s Hiatt Center for Civic Engagement awarded stipends to thirteen students to enable them to pursue opportunities this summer in community service, social justice and leadership training.

Each spring all Beaver students are invited to apply for Hiatt Center summer stipends. The following students received grants this year:

Miah Andrews ’15 – Birthday Wishes

Charlee Manigat ’15 – Hebrew Senior Life

Jacob Barrie ’14 – Sudanese Education Fund

Hannah Zack ’14 – Faulkner Hospital and Samariteens

Annie Mangone ’13 – Boston Children’s School

Sam Polk ‘13 – Martha’s Vineyard Community Services

Jonathan Marsh ’13 – Tenacity

Karan Bakshi ’12 – A school in India

Brielle Butler ’12 – Beth Israel Hospital

Alexys Butler ’12 – Beth Israel Hospital

Nora Demick ’12 – Perkins School for the Blind

Isaac Chafkin ’12 – MetroLacrosse

Joseph Randles ’12 – Samariteens

Photo: Joseph Randles ’12, Charlee Manigat ’15, Miah Andrews ’15, Nora Demick ’12, Isaac Chafkin ’12, and Brielle Butler ’12

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