NANOGA: Intentional Growth and Operating the Library

Nanotechnology studio coach Dr. Ryan Wartena shares his thoughts on Day 2 of the studio.

“Nanotechnology of Growing Architecture” studio
by Dr. Ryan Wartena

NANOGA, Day 2: Intentional Growth and Operating the Library

Reflection on the process of drawing imagination with Natural Rule Sets.

Natural Rule Sets are the fundamental aspects between pure creativity and the physical world. Even the simplest collaboration has often unspoken rule sets and it is obvious to say that every rule of the rule set for healthy and harmonious existence is in the process of being known and practiced. The Nanotechnology of Growing Architecture studio explored a critical discussion and communication of group developed, free-form, creative growth drawing game from yesterday. The Point-Node game geometrically demonstrates how creativity can be applied to perceived obstacles and methods to always overcome them. Topics of discussion included infinite strategies, drawing and being drawn into spirals, making it easy for the next move, how the short & the long path have their benefits & effects , knowing and moves between the lines and the opportunity of personal choice when coupled with intention. Group interpretations by animal of the five drawings (four doubles and one triplet group) revealed a Dragon, Elephant, Bird, Rhinodiosauraus Rex and a porcupine.

Construction of Seed Form1
Natural Construction Code for Seed Form 1 (the exact process including rule 26)

The NANOGA made a stellar group performance of generating a three-dimensional shape based on Natural Rule Sets of the crystalline and physical kind. After the initial seed was placed on the wooden tables, the Natural Rule Set began to develop and form. Tomorrow they will compile their individual memory of the Natural Rule Sets and form them into a single Natural Construction Code for the Seed Form1. Seed Form1 grew into an intentional shape before our eyes, was structurally secured with a crystalline skeleton of tape and folded into decisive form and strung from the skies.

The Physical Code and Visual Array of the Library

The NANOGA were given a mission to photocopy-image and extract nano, micro and milli pictures from the Library based upon journal search terms of ‘nanotechnology’, ‘crystal’, ‘seed’ and ‘plant’. Dewey-Decimal call numbers were identified and each student was tasked to bring back three images. The mission was successful and completed in the directed and measured time of 1 post-lunch hour.

Upon return to the studio further images were collected based upon search terms of plant seeds, cell growth, spirals, crystal growth processes, plant growth processes, cell growth processes. Homework included developing Natural Construction Code, developing a definition for the definition in the Seed Atlas and collecting images of plant seeds.

Wow, folded forms and active research, what a day for crystallizing creativity.

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