Photography Workshop

Day 2 of Genius Camp was dedicated to a photography workshop where students learnt the basics of photography and composition and then put these skills to use in a design-build-photograph activity. Boston photographer Nate Tia (Simplynate Photography) joined us for the day and showed us how to use our cameras to their fullest potential as well as some techniques for composing content-engaging and visually-stunning photographs. Nate also shared his motivations as a photographer and his diverse and inspiring portfolio of work spanning from fashion and portraiture to structures, landscapes and global events.

For the activity, students teamed-up in small groups to build their own UFO models which would be used to create a “fake” UFO photo later in the day.

Nate and the students discussed the plausibility of UFO’s and the best photography methods and devices that could be used to create a “realistic” photo of a UFO sighting in the context of Kendall Square.

Students used foil pie dishes, tin foil, paint, foam, cardboard, electrical tape, modelling wood, string and various other materials to design and build their UFOs ready to hover above Kendell Square.

Prepared with UFO in hand, we made our way to Kendall Square, only to be surprised by a sudden downpour. The students delved into the rain and tested out various vantage points and perspectives for creating their Kendall Square UFO-sightings against the murky backdrop of rainclouds and spotted sun rays.

And the results were pretty amazing and realistic! Here are some of the Kendall Square UFO-sighting photos composed by the students (with NO Photoshop enhancements FYI):

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