The Club experience is designed to empower young people to develop into engaged, thoughtful, and motivated leaders. Students regularly call on the New Basics — creative-problem solving, collaboration, iteration, visual communication, empathy, tech & media literacy, and presentation skills — for their ideas come to life. Faculty advisors help create the conditions in which students can explore their interests and delve deeper into their ideas.

All Clubs meet once per week on Tuesdays at 10:10 – 10:40 a.m. and often outside of that time to work on additional projects. If you were to stop by during Club block you might see students planning trips, preparing speeches, advocating for change, presenting to large audiences, or collaborating with other Clubs. Club leaders attend workshops designed by the Hiatt Center to strengthen leadership skills, set achievable goals, and support the overall development of the individuals and Club. Staff in the Hiatt Center are also available to students for regular consultation.

Club Application and Sign Up Process

Clubs are designed by and led by students. They can run for the entire school-year or by term. Students have the opportunity to apply for the creation of a new Club at the beginning of each term. Likewise, students may choose to stay in one Club for the entire year or switch into different Clubs for fall, winter, and spring terms. A signup form is sent to students at the beginning of each term.

Student clubs include:

3D Modeling and Casting Club
Acoustic Coffee House
Art for Awareness
Badminton Club
Beaver Destination Imagination
Beaver Film Festival
Beaver Gives Back
Beaver Outing and Environmental Club (BOEC)
Bring About Change
Business Club
Card and Board Game
Chess Club
Dam Force
Del Sol (Multicultural dialogue)
Heliconian (Literary magazine)
Jewish Culture Club
Math Club
Microfinance and Global Philanthropy
Mock Trial
Model United Nations
Science Club
Sports Debate
The Beaver Reader
Travel and Culture Club
Women and Gender Issues
Young Republicans

Student Council Officers, 2018-2019

The Student Council is a group of students, elected by their classmates, who are concerned with the well-being of their school. They organize social events and work on solving problems that arise during the school year.

Executive Board
President: Ronan O’Callaghan
Vice President: Philippe Izedian
Treasurer: Ben Cohen
Representative to the Board: Sumaya Ibrahim
Director of Communications: Molly Rosenberg

12th Grade
Amanda Altman
Will Brown
Seamus Buckley

11th Grade
Jacob Calka
Caitlin Haggerty
Neena Val

10th Grade
Tyler Alloway
Nick Reisner
Sam Szwartz

9th Grade
Hannah Glueck
Corey Predella
Micah Rysman