The First Storyteller 7th grade english


The First Storyteller

7th Grade English | 11/20/2019

What is a story? And why are stories important?

Mr. Greenberg’s 7th grade English class tackled these questions by designing and building time machines to “visit” the first storyteller. Using the supplies in the Materials Library as well as any equipment on the Design Level (3D printer, laser cutter, etc.), students worked in groups to (1) make time machines that looked like they would work*; (2) create a documentary film on the process; and (3) write a story imagining the first story.

*Any time machine that actually worked was guaranteed an A.

Why time machines? Reading a book is like traveling through time. Whenever you read a book you're transported to a different time and place. — Jon Greenberg
The First Storyteller brainstorm
After creating their time machines, students filmed documentary-style videos on meeting the first storyteller. For these videos, students had to write scripts, film the scenes, and edit the footage.

This was the first English project of the year for 7th graders, and Mr. Greenberg says it’s a great opportunity for them to get to know each other, collaborate, and learn about (and use) the various tools in the Design Level. It’s simultaneously familiarizing students with the space and the people in it and teaching them the foundation of what makes a story.

“This is an experience students remember throughout their time at Beaver and beyond.”