(updated November 19, 2020 )

Welcome to the Upper School Expanded Learning Experience. On this page, you’ll find the Upper School specific details about the 2020-21 school year as well as links, resources, and documents.

This week’s schedule:

For a month-by-month view of the Dec. and Jan., schedules, click here for Group 1 and here for Group 2.

Winter Term

Winter term begins Monday, November 30 at 9 a.m. Group 1 will be on campus. Please remember you may be in a different group in the winter term.

Before returning to campus after Thanksgiving Break, please re-read our most recent Community Health Update, which includes information about the additional questions you will see in your daily attestation following the holidays.

Stage 3 At Glance

Stage 3 will begin November 2, and it will run through January 29.

Students in Group 1 and Group 2 will alternate every other week: one week of 3 days on campus, and one week of 2 days on campus. Groups will alternate Mondays on campus each week, with Group 1 being on campus every Tuesday and Wednesday, and Group 2 on campus every Thursday and Friday. Taking into consideration the breaks and Monday holidays, there may be some variation in order to allow for all students to be on campus as much as possible that month.

🏫 Upper School On Campus Days for Stage 3

Group 1
(Click here for a month-by-month view of the schedule for Group 1.)

  • Every other Monday (alternating with Group 2; first Monday on campus 11.02)
  • Every Tuesday & Wednesday

Group 2
(Click here for a month-by-month view of the schedule for Group 2.)

  • Every other Monday (alternating with Group 1; first Monday on campus 11.09)
  • Every Thursday & Friday
On days that students are not on campus, they will be online.

A Peek Inside Campus

We know many families are curious as to what our campus looks like this fall. While we’re still adding more signs and setting up classrooms (and will continue to do so throughout the fall), you can get a glimpse of some of the things we have done here. This is not an extensive list by any means; you can find that in the Healthy Policies, Practices, and Protocols document.

Expectations for Students & Families

Read through the expectations we have for all our students and families—on campus, online, and at home. These expectations are designed to help reduce risk in the community.

Contact Info

Kader Adjout
Title: Director of Upper School
Contact: kadjout@bcdschool.org
Phone: 617-738-2728
Kader Adjout
Jimmy Manyuru
Title: Upper School Director of Student Life and Equity
Contact: jmanyuru@bcdschool.org
Jimmy Manyuru
Elisha Cho
Title: Assistant Director of Student Life and Equity
Contact: echo@bcdschool.org
Elisha Cho
Tara Paulauskas
Title: Director of Counseling and Health Services
Contact: tpaulauskas@bcdschool.org
Phone: 617-738-2741
Tara Paulauskas
Talia Ossowski
Title: School Nurse
Contact: tossowski@bcdschool.org
Phone: 617-738-2739
Talia Ossowski