(updated January 22, 2020)

Welcome to the Middle School Expanded Learning Experience. On this page, you (students and families) will find the Middle School specific details about the 2020-21 school year as well as links, resources, and documents

This week’s schedule

*Note: Our rotation will remain the same through Spring Break. We have updated our month-by-month calendar to reflect February and March. For the spring, we are looking at our Fridays, how we’re using them, and what that could mean when we have more spaces available outdoors. More details to come!

  • Read more about the thinking behind this in the BVR MS chat recap.

Reminder: Remain vigilant, avoid unnecessary social gatherings, and adhere to the “Big 3”

It’s more important than ever for us to adhere to the “Big 3” and increase our vigilance both at school and in our personal lives in the coming weeks. Cases continue to increase in the Commonwealth. In order to continue our hybrid model of school, we all need to do our part. Please limit social gatherings that are unnecessary and continue to wear a mask, social distance, and wash your hands.

Stage 3

During Stage 3, students will have 3 days on campus most weeks. For November, December, and January, we are adding Thursdays as on campus days for middle school students. Middle School will now share campus with Upper School every on-campus day. This means each MS grade will rotate their Mondays on campus. Fridays will be online days for the entire Middle School, allowing for important “mask off” time that fosters community engagement and programming and brings everyone together in one place—including our students and faculty who are remote during the week. Taking into consideration the breaks and Monday holidays, each month varies slightly to allow for all students to be on campus 3 days a week for the majority of that month.

🏫 Middle School On Campus Days for Stage 3

6TH GRADE (Click here for a month-by-month view for 6th grade)

  • The following Mondays: 11.02 / 11.30 / 12.07 / 01.04 / 01.25 / 02.01 / 02.22 / 03.01
  • Every Tuesday & Wednesday

7TH GRADE (Click here for a month-by-month view for 7th grade)

  • The following Mondays: 11.02 /  11.30 / 12.14 / 01.11 / 01.25 / 02.08 / 02.22 / 03.08
  • Every Wednesday & Thursday

8TH GRADE (Click here for a month-by-month view for 8th grade)

  • The following Mondays:  12.07 / 12.14 / 01.04 / 01.11 / 02.01 / 02.08 / 03.01 / 03.08
  • Every Tuesday & Thursday

Days students are not on campus, they will have classes online.

Here is the class block schedule starting January 25.

An Insider’s Guide to MS Courses

Expectations for students & families

Here’s the commitment we expect from all our students and families to stay safe this fall. (This also includes what you need to bring and the protocol to follow if you need to go to the nurse’s office!)

Middle School Meetings

Catch up on our MS meetings!

Recap Emails

Contact Info

Tiffany Smith
Title: Director of Middle School
Contact: tsmith@bcdschool.org
Phone: 617-738-2738
Tiffany Smith
Ann Bevan Hollos
Title: Associate Director of Middle School
Contact: ahollos@bcdschool.org
Phone: 617-738-2780
Ann Bevan Hollos
Talia Ossowski
Title: School Nurse
Contact: tossowski@bcdschool.org
Phone: 617-738-2739
Talia Ossowski
Amber Kuntz
Title: Director of Middle School Student Life and Athletic Programs
Contact: akuntz@bcdschool.org
Phone: 617-738-2758
Amber Kuntz