Welcome to the Beaver Expanded Learning Experience for US students and teachers. We have created this online experience as a hub to keep our community informed, engaged, and connected during this unusual time.

On this page, you’ll find the links and resources you—students and families—need as we shift to this current version of school. We’ll be updating this page regularly with updates and activities from our community, examples of student and faculty work, and any additional information you may need during this time.

Our priority remains the students’ learning experience. As we always think about best teaching practices at Beaver, we are using this unprecedented situation as an opportunity to do just that: Rethink teaching and learning.

  • We will follow a schedule with synchronous class times, asynchronous learning times, and office hours. Students will follow their schedule in PowerSchool.
  • Advisory will happen regularly, and community meeting times such as clubs, affinity groups, and class meetings will start during the week of April 6.

We know our plan will evolve based on feedback from students and faculty, and we will identify best practices and refine the schedule and plan to continue improving. In other words, things will evolve … in a good way!

(Click the image to access a downloadable PDF)What to expect with the US Expanded Learning Experience