Welcome to the Beaver Expanded Learning Experience for MS students and teachers. We have created this online experience as a hub to keep our community informed, engaged, and connected during this unusual time.


Teaching and learning this spring 2020 looked different than any of us could’ve ever imagined. We created this BVR Expanded Learning Index of course summaries to (1) reflect on that time, and (2) create space for parents to further engage in their students’ learning.


As we transition from the structure of the school-year learning routines, families can use the upcoming months to provide their children with plenty of rest, relaxation, and fun. The recent months have been challenging in various ways due to the impact of the quarantine and COVID-19, and it is important to take a pause, shift, and create some new and re-setting routines for kids during these summer months.



In the Middle School, we set up the schedule so students have access to all aspects of the MS experience.

  • Our 6th grade students will follow this schedule; 7th and 8th grade students will follow this schedule. Each day they will know what they need to do and when they need to do it. In addition to academic time, weekly schedules include blocks for Feed Your Brain, community time, BVRFit + Wellness, and Make Create Robot activities.
  • Students will go to Canvas to find daily class assignments and their Google Meet links for each class.
  • Teachers will be very clear about synchronous class time and outside of that time will make sure students are able to be in touch whenever needs arise.
  • There will be daily advisory check-ins to build continuity of connection and allow for advisors to monitor the learning experiences of their advisees.
  • We will also be putting activities together to allow for daily physical activity at home.

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Getting Started Middle School