APRIL 2016

MIT at Beaver Who: Dr. Lisa Barsotti and Dr. Matt Evans
Title: MIT LIGO Scientists
Where: 4/15/16, US Physics classes
About: Dr. Barsotti and Dr. Evans visited several physics classes as well as the science and tech club. They shared their work on the discovery of gravitational waves – which proved Einstein’s theory and is considered to be THE big science news of the year.
Raul at Beaver Who: Raul Gonzalez
Title: Artist
Where: 4/8/16, Art Class
About: Welcome back to campus, Raul Gonzalez! Gonzalez sketched during club block and showed students proofs from his book. He spent the day visiting different classes and groups.
CALS Who: Tara Venkatraman
Title: Associate Director of Resources and Programming at The City School
Where: 4/4/16, Community Action Leaders Meeting
About: Members of the MS Community Action Leaders (CALs) attended a Social Justice workshop hosted by BVR seniors and The City School.


Dan Derosato at Beaver Who: Dan Derosato
Title: Artist
Where: 2/23/16, US Meeting, Sculpture Class
About: Derosato shared how he uses coding to morph photos, videos, and design.
Dr. Crawford at Beaver Who: Dr. Keith Crawford
Title: Director of the Center for Molecular Orthopedic Medicine at Brigham and Womens and a member of Harvard Medical faculty
Where: 2/11/16, 11th grade molecular biology
About: Dr. Crawford spoke to Ms. McCabes 11th grade molecular biology class about stem cells.


John Cariani at Beaver
Who: John Cariani
Title: Actor and Playwright
Where: 1/25/16, US Meeting, Advanced Theater
About: Actor and Playwright Jon Cariani came to visit with the Advanced Theater class who were currently working on his play, Almost Maine. The actors had the opportunity to dive in and learn more about their characters.

Who: Matt Carroll
Title: Research Scientist, MIT Center for Civic Media
Where: 1/11/16, US Media Class
About: Matt Carroll has held a number of positions at the Boston Globe over the past 26 years, but for the past decade-plus, he has concentrated on database reporting — finding stories hidden in data. The last couple of years, he has been part of a small team that created new ways of telling stories, using words, data visualizations, online apps, and video. Previously, he was a member of the Globe’s investigative team, which won a Pulitzer Prize for Public Service for its coverage of the Catholic priest sexual abuse scandal.
Iian Moss at Beaver Who: IIan Moss ’93, Driscoll Award for Social Responsibility 
Title: Communications manager Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative (DNDi)
Where: 1/11/16, Upper School Meeting
About: Ilan Moss ’93 – recipient of the 2015 Driscoll Award for Social Responsibility- talked to US students about his passion for telling the “neglected” story and his work spreading awareness about mycetoma in the Sudan.


Jeff Cassidy at Beaver Who: Jeff Cassidy
Title: VP of Business Development at Goodbed
Where: 12/17/15, Entrepreneurship elective
About: Cassidy talked to students in entrepreneurship about his journey of starting and growing businesses – from biking 17 miles in order to mow lawns to creating a literal Facebook in the 90s to helping people find the perfect mattress virtually.
Alex Myers at Beaver Who: Alex Myers
Title: Speaker & author (Revolutionary)
Where: 12/15/15, Hiatt Speaker Series
About: At MS and US meetings, Myers talked about the relationship between language and transgender identity, how terminology has developed over time, and how labels – though often viewed as restrictive – can actually be liberating. He continued the conversation at lunch, meeting with both Middle School SAGA and Upper School GSA. His day concluded with a conversation with faculty and students in the Rogers Room.
David Aronson Who: David Aronson
Title: Commercial director at Hyspeed
Where: 12/9/15, 10th grade science
About: Aronson talked to 10th graders about his work in alternative fuels and efficiency in the racing industry.


Megan Shutzer Who: Megan Shutzer
Title: Producer & director of New Generation Queens
Where: 11/30/15, Middle School lunch
About: Shutzer introduced her documentary about Zanzibar’s women’s soccer team to Middle School students. After the film, she answered questions about her work and her experience.
Thomas Kanwit in Theories of Justice class Who: Thomas Kanwit
Title: Assistant U.S. Attorney
Where: 11/10/15, Theories of Justice class
About: “Being a lawyer makes you able to stand your ground. You know how to make a good argument and stand up for yourself.” Kanwit discussed cases he has worked on, what it’s like to be a federal prosecutor, and topics he is passionate about.
 Visitors Ryan Babenzien and Mike Hirshland Who: Ryan Babenzien and Mike Hirshland P’15
Title: Babenzien, Founder + CEO of Greats Brand, Hirshland, co-founder of Resolute Ventures 
Where: 11/9/15, Entrepreneurship elective
About: Founder and CEO of @greatsbrand Ryan Babenzien joined Mike Hirshland, co-founder of Resolute Ventures in the entrepreneurship elective.
Dan Kennedy Who: Dan Kennedy
Title: Professor of journalism and new media, Northeastern University
Where: 11/5/15, All School Meeting
About: Prof. Kennedy joined a panel discussion on News Media and Journalism during Media Literacy Week 2015. He discussed how the media landscape has changed in the past decade – and where it’s going in the future – and the types of skills all media consumers should have.


Ava Anderson in Beaver's entrepreneurship elective Who: Francis Taylor
Title: Sports Analyst, Arsenal
Where: 10/29/15, Algebra and Geometry Class
About: Taylor discussed how Arsenal uses math and statistics to prepare for opponents, look for players, and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of their own team.
Ava Anderson in Beaver's entrepreneurship elective Who: Ava Anderson
Title: Founder + CEO of Ava Anderson
Where: 10/27/15, Entrepreneurship elective
About: Anderson discovered the issue of chemicals in personal care products when she was 14 and a freshman in high school. Now a senior at Babson, Anderson runs a multi-million dollar business selling nontoxic consumer products. Most recently, the company won Inc.’s Coolest College Startups competition.
Brij Patel in Beaver's entrepreneurship elective Who: Brij Patel
Title: Founder + CEO Fetch Storage and Rent An AC
Where: 10/26/15, Entrepreneurship elective 
About: Patel shared the pitfalls and successes he’s experienced as a young entrepreneur. Out of college, Patel bought an appliance rental company for $2,000 and some free labor. He transformed that company into a successful air conditioner rental business. Then, wanting to move beyond the seasonal, he and his business partner purchased a failing storage company, which they turned into full-service moving and storage business.
Susan Lyne '68 at Beaver Who: Eric Ramos
Title: Ph.D. candidate in Animal Behavior at the CUNY Graduate Center in New York City
Where: 10/22/15, All School Meeting; 8th Grade Science; US Anatomy
About: Ramos shared his experiences working with dolphins at the All School Meeting. Afterwards, he visited Ms. Salfity’s 8th grade science class where he talked about the pros and cons of using drone technology for marine research before heading to an US anatomy class to teach a lesson on comparative dolphin anatomy. See photos from his visit here.
Susan Lyne '68 at Beaver Who: Susan Lyne ’68
Title: Founder of AOL’s BBG Ventures
Where: 10/15/15, All School Meeting, Entrepreneurship elective
About: Lyne met with students and faculty and talked about her experiences at Beaver and beyond – which include past president + CEO of Martha Stewart Living and past president of ABC Television Network Entertainment. She also stopped by the Entrepreneurship elective and heard about this term’s CEOs’ business ideas.
Michael Bronner P'12 at Beaver Who: Michael Bronner P’12
Title: Founder – DigitasUpromiseUNREAL
Where: 10/1/15, Entrepreneurship elective
About: Bronner started his coupon book business as a sophomore at Boston University. Today, he has launched two successful businesses, is re-launching a third, and is committed to making a difference in the world. He shared his advice with students, including “Think big, but start small. I started small enough where I knew I could go do it.”


Caleb McClennen at Beaver Who: Caleb McClennen
Title: Executive Director of Marine Conservation, The Wildlife Conservation
Where: 9/30/15, 8th grade science
About: McClennon shared his conservation work on the world’s oceans with 8th graders in the Rogers Room.
Kinda Hibrawi at Beaver

Who: Kinda Hibrawi
Title: Syrian-American Painter + Karam Foundation Education Director
Where: 9/22/15, US Meeting, History class, and Arabic class
About: Hibrawi spoke about her work with the Karam Leadership Program, a program that helps displaced Syrian children learn innovative, entrepreneurial, and technological tools in a safe environment. She participated in a discussion with Upper School History students about Syrian refugees and the United States and ended her visit by teaching calligraphy to an US Arabic class.