Welcome to your senior year, Class of 2024!

That means YOU, students and parents/caregivers.

What an exciting year you have ahead of you—filled with some of our favorite traditions, a couple of new events, and a whole lot of celebrations. Oh, and of course, college! We know it’s a lot and that it can feel overwhelming at times so we created this page for you to access what you need in the season we’re in—and give you the opportunity to look ahead (because sometimes you just need to see the end).

And speaking of the end: Commencement 2024 is Friday, June 7 at 3:30 p.m.

But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves; we’re just getting started, and we know it’s going to be DAM good year!

Senior winter event spotlights

“Thank You” Writing Party
End of November (Date TBA)
Essays are written and applications are submitted. As a class, we take a deep exhale, have a moment of gratitude for those who helped us along the way, and take the time to express thanks.

February (Date TBA)
Come cheer on Beaver athletics! There will be multiple games happening in the gym, as well as special limited-edition swag, food trucks, and more.

Happening now: What you should be thinking about in the college process

The College Counseling team sends regular emails throughout the fall so do not worry—we’re fully in this together. Below are a few things to note (all of which Director of College Counseling Danielle da Silva shared at the Senior Kick-Off event on September 12).

College rep visits: We expect to host close to 100 on-campus meetings.

  • Almost all of these will be at Beaver. A few may be on Zoom, usually during the evening at 6 p.m.
  • The schedule is posted in Naviance and on the College Visit calendar.
  • These are for STUDENTS only, and students MUST sign up for these meetings in advance;
  • Students with G-Block classes must talk to the teacher and prioritize a small number of visits.

Testing updates

  • Check each college website to determine if they are score optional (almost all still are).
  • The NCAA has waived testing requirements permanently.
  • Talk with your counselor about whether or not to submit scores. Our general advice is to only send scores that are at the mid-to-high end of the school’s averages.


The College Counselors have active calendars that students use to sign up for meetings. In these meetings, counselors:

  • Go over applications and college list
  • Provide essay feedback;
  • Help students create an organizational structure for completing their applications

Submitting applications 

  1. Counselors will be sending parents/caregivers and students an electronic copy of the transcript to approve and to select honors for the entire year.
  2. Counselors will collect, upload, and send transcripts and recommendation letters for all students.
  3. Counselors will meet all of your college deadlines. College portals usually take 10 to 14 days to update.

Fall college checklist

✅ Reach out to College Counseling when you have questions or want to check in; we are happy to set up a meeting with you (in-person or online).

✅ Official test scores are submitted (if necessary) via ACT and/or College Board

✅ Parents/caregivers: You can be a final set of eyes on applications; go ahead and click “submit” with your student!