To make things run as smoothly as possible this coming season, the Athletic Department is having athletes take the ImPACT test at home. This will allow athletes to take the test at their convenience in a quiet space.

What is the ImPACT test?
A baseline concussion test all Beaver athletes are required to take to participate in sports. If the test is not taken in the 2-month time frame, the athlete will not be allowed to participate until it is taken.

Instructions for the test:

1. Take the test in a quiet environment (no phones, TV, or music playing) and if possible take the test on a desktop computer. If not, take the test on a laptop that is plugged into a power source with an external mouse.

2. Enter this URL: into the browser. The website requires JavaScript to be enabled and FlashPlayer 9 or higher to be installed. Once you get to the website, enter the Customer Code: 74e6c9ba69

3. Please read and pay attention to the directions. If you don’t, tests can come back invalid and you will have to take it again. Answer everything to the best of your ability. This is not a test you can “fail”, it is simply taking a baseline measurement of your brain function.

If you have any questions please email the Athletic Trainer, Noël Riley at Additional information can be found on ImPACT’s website.