Hiatt Summer 2020 Recap

The Hiatt Summer Fellowship (HSF) provides returning Beaver students (grades 6-11) the financial support to take the initiative to explore and participate in meaningful leadership and civic engagement opportunities with non-profit organizations during the summer. The experience serves as a launching point for deeper learning. Students are encouraged to connect their Summer Fellowship to learning in the classroom and/or by pursuing a Student-Directed Project in the Upper School.

A HSF experience can be a student-designed nonprofit internship or participation in a community-based program. While engaging in this work, students agree to positively represent Beaver, act professionally, and demonstrate growth in communication and leadership skills.

Student Fellow expectations

  • Attend a virtual launch meeting in May 2022 to learn about program expectations
  • Write a reflection of the experience in the HSF Google Classroom
  • Record and log hours in the HSF Google Classroom
  • Communicate with Beaver staff as needed and required throughout the summer
  • Positively represent Beaver through hard work, collaboration, and engagement

Financial awards

Students will be awarded $7/hour for volunteer work to a maximum amount of $1,000 per summer. Hours will be recorded and logged by students each week and submitted through Google Classroom. Checks in the full amount will be sent home in September. We can reimburse families for certain program costs up to $1,000. [Note: Hiatt cannot provide or reimburse transportation or supply costs; consider this when choosing your experience. Students are eligible for reduced-fare bus/T monthly passes of $26/month]

Examples of summer opportunities

Email hiatt@bcdschool.org if you are interested in any of these opportunities or would like to discuss new ones. We will set up a meeting time to discuss next steps.

To apply (more details to come in Winter 2022)

  1. Complete the HSF application by Friday, May 20, 2022.  The application link will go live in January 2022. Please note: The summer programs/organization you will engage with will have additional application deadlines to be mindful of.
  2. Complete this W-9 form in order to be paid in September. Here is a link to our private and secure W9 portal to drop your W9 file into. You can skip this step if you applied for funding to cover a program fee only.