I think it’s important that people can find it within themselves to speak up and share their ideas, whether or not they agree with what’s popular. – Sydney Brown ’17

Social justice initiatives are designed to help students rethink their place in the world and build a global change-making toolkit. This process often overlays with individual and group identity development where students ask, “who am I?, “how do I identify,” and “When do I have power and when do I not?”

The Hiatt Speaker Series brings events and individuals to campus to exchanges ideas and perspectives on real-world issues.

Guests – such as Arn Chorn Pond, Azure Antoinette, and Alex Myers – work with students through curriculum connections, workshops, and student-run groups.

Below is an excerpt from Class of 2015 student Marcia Zimmerman’s reflection our See The Real Me event:

At the event, the word about this amazing poet [Azure Antoinette] had spread. We had a packed house and rumor had it there were people on the balcony – though I would not know because I was too busy being nervous for me and my friends’ performances. I was swept up in nerves and love for my school. What other place does this? What other place not only attracts amazing speakers, but encourages students to participate alongside them? Beaver is truly unparalleled.

All students have the potential to become social action leaders. They work with the Hiatt Center to plan and facilitate Hiatt Institute workshops, host documentary screenings, and to create other ideas that elevate conversations about social justice and inspire others to take action. Examples include:

  • Beaver screens the Hunting ground to over 100 community members. Read more.
  • Beaver hosts a Social Justice Retreat for Middle School students. Read more.
  • Beaver’s Community Action Leaders support Treats for Troops. Read more.

Students also have the opportunity and financial support to get involved in workshops and conferences outside of Beaver, including: