Club Spotlight: Marine Art + Awareness Club

Marine Art Awareness Club

Upper School

Club: Marine Art + Awareness Club
Club Leaders: Sydni Dretler ’23 and Marin Mitchell ’23
Terms Running: Winter, Spring

Marine Art + Awareness Club is about bringing awareness to marine conservation and marine issues through art around Beaver.

“Sometimes it doesn’t seem like art and science can interact because of how different they appear. I think that art and science can intersect greatly. Art can be a great way to bring attention to science issues. Art and science are the subjects I am passionate about.” – Sydni Dretler ’23

In the current project students are working on painting a coral ecosystem on a canvas. They plan on putting the canvas out in the sun for the color to come out. The end result will resemble coral bleaching which is happening at a rapid rate naturally to coral reefs.

“It’s important for students to see how art can react with science. Marine conservation and marine ecology are not talked about enough. I took the Marine Ecology class and I think we need to bring more of that information to the Beaver community.” – Marin Mitchell ’23

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