BVR Model UN and the West Coast MUN Invitational

A total of 14 Upper School students participated in the West Coast Model United Nations Invitational on December 12. The conference was held virtually through Best Delegate.

The following students attended the conference:

Alice Molinsky ’23, Ian Travis ‘23, Theo Berenson ’23, Parick Berg ‘23, Joseph Fandrey ’22, Calvin Cirurgiao ’24, Jack Botein ‘23, Sam Rayev ’23, Taner Altan ’22, Nate Bolan ’23, Campbell Hall ’23, Patrick McGucken ’22, Liam Coughlin ’22, Anna Lazzarino ’23, and Julie Song ’24

Four Beaver students who won individual awards:

  • Ian Travis ‘23:  Best Delegate
  • Patrick Berg ‘23: Outstanding Delegate
  • Campbell Hall ’23: Outstanding Delegate
  • Joseph Fandrey ‘22: Outstanding Delegate
  • Calvin Cirurgiao ‘24: Honorable Mention

“Our students spent the past few weeks researching and preparing for their committees, and we are proud of the work they put into the conference. They all did a great job!” – Soumaya Ibourk, MUN faculty advisor

BVR Model UN keeps it rolling! We can’t wait to hear more about upcoming conferences!


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