BVR Alumni Voices: Wayne Turner ’95

Wayne Turner '95

The BVR Alumni Voices Project was launched by Alex Shigueta ’20 and Brett Siegal ’20 during their Senior Experience in the Philanthropy and Engagement Office. For the project, they’ve been connecting with BVR alumni from all decades and all backgrounds to learn about their BVR experiences and what they are up to now. Below they talk with Wayne Turner ’95. If you’d like to be added to their interview list, send them an email!

I started Beaver in 8th grade and I loved the culture and community. I started at Beaver as a shy kid, but Beaver embraced me. Beaver has always been family to me and my teachers and coaches really pushed me to improve in everything I did.

After playing professional basketball for the Boston Celtics and for teams overseas for around 10 years, I had an incredible experience playing in different countries across the world and playing for my hometown team—the Celtics was a dream come true. After my professional career, I coached with John Calipari and Rick Pintino at the collegiate level and now I coach a high school team.

With your generation, you have so many opportunities on the internet to build a network. You could use the internet as a business and there are so many chances to use that platform as a place for positive change.

— Wayne Turner ’95

Don’t beat yourself up on things that don’t work out the way you planned it to. It is important to look at the long run of things—sometimes we want specific events to happen right away but often it is better to wait and see how it turns out.

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