Club Spotlight: Black Student Union

Upper School
Club: Black Student Union (BSU)
Club Leaders: Chris Guerrier ’24, Kyla Sheedy-Goff ’24, Wilson Baker ’24, Thai Davis ’23
Terms Running: Fall, Winter, Spring

The Black Student Union is a space for Black students to come together. Throughout the year, the club has found ways to celebrate one another as well as educate their peers.

The BSU is a club by black students for black students were we get to meet together, educate each other, and plan events.

-Wilson Baker ’24

When reflecting upon the year, club leaders frequently think back to Black History Month. Over February, the BSU hosted multiple guest speakers including the founder of the first Black Student Union at Beaver, Sharon Eaton ’72. The month was a time for the club to come together to celebrate the Black experience at Beaver and find ways to make the club, and Beaver itself, more reflective of what Black students are actually experiencing.

We made an announcement in the beginning of the month. Our focus was to keep it in our environment; in the past we have made it an Upper School wide thing instead of actually just celebrating us as Black students at Beaver.

-Kyla Sheedy-Goff ’24

Currently, the BSU is working on planning an end of the year potluck. As described by club leader Chris Guerrier ’24, the event aims to bring together BSU members and their families to play games, catch up, and have fun celebrating the community.

I would recommend joining the BSU because it creates a safe and comfortable space for black students. Everyone comes from different backgrounds here. . . no matter what your different interests are, this is a safe space for you to just talk.

-Kyla Sheedy-Goff ’24

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