Research at Beaver: Highlights from our extensive digital collection

Research at Beaver

Research at Beaver—and by extension the library at Beaver—goes far beyond the curated collection of books displayed on the Research Level and in the mobile libraries around campus.

Our students and faculty/staff have free access to more than 10,000 eBooks and audiobooks, various newspapers and magazines, and tons of documentaries—not to mention a countless number of research papers and databases.

The library of today is much more than physical books and materials. There are so many digital resources available to the Beaver community that they can access virtually anywhere. — Sara Kelley-Mudie, Librarian and Educational Technology Specialist

Kelley-Mudie recently dug through and organized Beaver’s digital collection (which can be found here), and some of the many highlights of what you can do through our library, include:

📚 Access almost any eBook or audiobook you can think of

Beaver is a member of the GBCLA collection, as well as the MLS Commonwealth eBook Collection. In addition, you have access to the Boston Public Library, Minuteman Library Network, SAILS, and CLAMS networks. By adding all these collections to your Sora account (the student-reading app), odds are extremely high you’ll find nearly any book you want. 

Click here for more details and instructions on how to use Sora and add content.

📰 Check out the NYTimes and the Boston Globe 

All Beaver community members have free access to the NYTimes. Visit to create a free account using your school email address. Full instructions can be found here.

Looking for something more local? Check out ProQuest’s Boston Globe index. The site is updated daily (if not hourly) so you can usually find the most recent articles (and if you can’t, just search again in a few hours).

🎥 Get magazines, documentaries, and historical newspapers

As a Massachusetts resident (or someone who works in MA), you have access to the Boston Public Library, which in turn gives you access to so. many. resources. including the ability to read the latest newsstand magazines, watch documentaries for free, and access newspaper archives going back hundreds of years. 

Click here for more about the BPL.

© Make your presentations and projects pop with Creative Commons and copyright friendly sources

We do a lot of great work here at Beaver—in the classroom and beyond—and we know you want to share it. But that means it’s critical that your images, music, videos, etc. are all properly attributed, high-quality, and fair use.

Click here for an explanation on fair use, why it matters, and where you can go to find the best, copyright-friendly content on the web.

🧐 Get all the data and facts you need to prove your point (and then some)

From the niche to the general, there’s a database for that. Scroll through the full list of the more than 50 databases you have access to here

📝 Take notes and give credit where credit is due

Citations. Citations. Citations. We know it can be challenging to track what you’re using, where you’re using it, and how to source it. That is where NoodleTools comes in.  This web-based research, citation, and note-taking platform help you stay organized and properly cite your work.

Click here to learn more and sign up.

More about the Research + Design Center.

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