BVR Academics: 7th-grade book tasting

Class: English 7
Grade: 7th
Teacher: Kathleen Kosberg

After finishing reading Witness—a book in verse by Karen Hesse about the arrival of the KKK in Vermont in the 1920s—students in 7th grade English were asked to select another book written in verse. To help them select a book, they did a “book tasting” with librarian Sara Kelley-Mudie, which allowed them to sample (aka taste) several different books. Students filled out a scorecard as they browsed the books in order to keep track of the one(s) they were interested in reading, and by the end of class, all the students seemed to find a book they were excited to read.

I love book tasting because figuring out what you want to read isn’t always easy, and it can be overwhelming. Book tasting gives students a chance to explore many different books—with different plots, themes, and characters—before deciding on one that piques their interest. — Sara Kelley-Mudie, Librarian and Educational Technology Specialist

7th-grade book tasting

More about English 7
Why are there stories? What makes a story? How are stories told? What is our story? These essential questions guide our reading, writing, and discussion in 7th grade English. Considering the essential elements of a story leads to an exploration of the many different ways stories are told: from spoken word through literature, poetry, drama, art, and song, into more modern modes like podcasts, movies, and animation. We investigate the struggle to ensure rights for all citizens by largely focusing on fictional accounts highlighting the time period between 1920 and the present. We study the tactics of great readers, learning to be aware of our thought processes while we read, developing strategies to better understand a given text. We focus on the iterative writing process and supporting our ideas with adequate details while extending the depth and quality of our work. Creative problem solving, empathy, effort, and collaboration are our cornerstones and are always honored.

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