Middle School Musical: Annie

The Beaver Country Day School Performing Arts Department Presents


If you missed the performance of Annie, don’t worry! The video will be On-Demand from Friday, March 12 to Sunday, March 28. Follow the instructions below and see the program as well as a note from the director.

Video On-Demand

See the performance by following the instructions below. Please note: Tickets are free, however, you will not be able to watch the show without a ticket or access code.

  • Click BUY TICKETS in the box above.  
  • Click RENT VIDEO (48 HRS)
  •  SELECT THE NUMBER OF DEVICES (i.e., tickets).  You will receive a unique link and code for each device. You can not use the same code twice (For example, if you want to stream the musical on both your laptop and your phone, you will need two codes and you should select 2 devices).  Once you select the number of devices, click CHECKOUT.
  • A pop-up will appear titled “Video On-Demand”. Click OK to continue. (You will have access to the content for 48 hours from the time you start watching.)
  • Next, you will be on the “Payment Information” page. Ignore the coupon code field and click CHECKOUT. (“Shipping method” should be “email”).
  • Complete the “Customer Information” with your email, first name, last name. Where it asks if you want to be on the Beaver Country Day School email list, select “Yes”, and then click CHECKOUT.
  • You will be re-directed to a confirmation page. You can download your tickets here, and you will also receive an email from ShowTix4u with a “click to watch stream” and your access code. Each ticket will have a unique code and link as well to stream the performance.

The Program


Orphanage Ensemble

Molly: Leili Singer
Kate: Zoey Steinberg
Tessie: Zara Mercier
Pepper: Talia Wilk
July: Alex Borden
Duffy: Skyler Montgomery
Annie: Nora McBride
Miss Hannigan: Chloe Kaufman

Mansion Ensemble

Grace Farrell: Xiao Mei Casado
Drake: Aubrey Emmons
Cecille: Louise Stedman
Annette: Leila Sakoulis
Mrs. Greer: Ellie Strom
Mrs. Pugh: Shirin Sakoulis
Chauffeur: Lauren Wagner
Valet: Wesley Todd
Gardener: Henry Diver
Oliver Warbucks: Robin Murphy

New York Ensemble

Bundles McCloskey: Aubrey Emmons
Apple Seller: Louise Stedman
Dogcatcher: Ellie Strom
Officer Ward: Wesley Todd
Star-to-Be: Henry Diver
Landlady: Lauren Wagner
Usherette: Shirin Sakoulis
Radio Announcer: Leila Sakoulis
Rooster: Miles Wheatland
Lily: Kayla Toussaint
Bert Healy: Wesley Todd
President Roosevelt: Henry Diver


Miles Buckley
Christian Hass
Kyle Hudson
Wren Lacey
Aidan Magel
Ruby Nielsen
Charli Scott
Grayson Strickler
Brader Wolfson


Director: Ms. Sara O’Toole
Music Director: Mr. Michael Sansoni
Technical Director: Mr. Kenny Burt
Costume Design/Construction: Ms. Bethany Eddy
Choreographer: Mr. Vlad Derisier
Producer: Ms. Tina Farrell
Assistant Technical Director: Mr. Matthew Ciommo
Theater Intern: Ms. Raven Bouvier


Divulging the elements of the creative process behind a theatrical production is rare. Normally, the audience would sit in the theater and watch the show – perhaps marvel at the lights, sound, set, costumes, acting, singing, dancing – but know nothing about the process of putting the show together. But as with everything else this year, nothing is “normal”, and so it feels important to let you in on some of the details of creating a virtual musical.

First, we were never all in the same room at the same time. This is never the case for a traditional show; collaboration and time together are hallmarks of the process. But there isn’t a space large enough to allow for the number of cast, crew, and faculty involved, and we also had fully remote students, a rotating schedule of students on campus, and unexpected quarantine periods with which to contend.

Rehearsal involved scene work both in-person and via Zoom; music was learned on remote days since singing can’t happen indoors; and choreography was taught both in-person and remotely, in spaces large enough to hold the students involved in any particular song.

And given that this is a virtual production, everything was pre-recorded and edited together. Scenes were recorded on Zoom on Fridays, our only fully remote day so that we could have all actors in a scene unmasked. Musical numbers were recorded individually by each cast member. Students recorded themselves singing, and each separate audio track was mixed for each musical number, then students recorded themselves dancing (in costume and in specific filming locations), while also singing. The audio from these video recordings was pulled out and the higher quality mixed audio dropped in – but the need for students to sing while dancing was imperative so that the movement of their mouth would match the audio track. All this said, there were nearly two hundred audio and video recordings gathered.

Technicians worked in new ways as well. They gathered all of the props for the show and distributed them to the performers before the very first day of recording. They then built a model of the set and practiced lighting design skills in our 2″ scale lighting lab. The recordings of these design sessions became the “broadcast backgrounds” that you will see during the songs and scene shifts.

There were challenges, of course, but there is no question that this was an incredibly positive and rewarding process for each of us. In our last rehearsal, students reflected on the experience, repeatedly bringing up themes of perseverance, resiliency, responsibility, growth – and even collaboration. In a time when everything is different, how fortunate we are for this bit of normalcy!

– Sara O’Toole


Tiffany Smith, Ann Bevan Hollos, Lisa Trask, Bianca Weiland, Jaclyn Tancreti, Linda Feeley, Terri Flannery

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