A Peek into Beaver’s Archives

Beaver archives

Over the past year, as a part of a Student-Directed Project through the History Department, Max Colognesi ’21, has been diving into Beaver’s history through the eyes of our alumni.

His project has culminated in a website containing digitized pages from Beaver’s full collection of yearbooks—from 1938 to 2020.  Ready to walk down memory lane? Check out the project here.

These yearbooks were left on a shelf at Beaver where they were hard to find and hard to access, and so this site is here to change that and make it open to the public. I thought it would be a fun idea to find a way for alumni—and current students like myself—to be able to look back in time!

Max Colognesi ’21

3 thoughts on “A Peek into Beaver’s Archives

  1. Thanks, Max, for taking this on. Beaver is often so focused on what is new and exciting and undiscovered that we sometimes forget to glance in the rear-view mirror, and you’ve given us all a great peek into a pretty wonderful—much of the time—past. That mirror also reminds us of how we need to keep on growing.

    Keep up the good work, Max!

  2. Hi Max,
    I admire your project! I graduated from Beaver in 1972. Yikes! That’s 50 years ago. I moved often on those years and somehow lost my 1972 Beaver Country Day yearbook. I would pay anything (well, almost anything!) to have it back. Our 50th Reunion is coming up and I would love to look at the old pictures. Would this be possible? Thank you,

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