BVR academics: Creating a movie over Zoom—in one class block

Video over Zoom

Class: Video Production
Grade: 12th Grade
Teacher: Sejal Patel

To inspire and reinvigorate students after a long week, teacher Sejal Pajel split her class in half and gave them a creative challenge—work together over Zoom to make a short film from start to finish in one 100-minute class block.

They looked at me with a blank stare at first, but then they were on fire taking on the roles of a normal Video Production crew without even realizing it. It was silly yet engaging, they found creative ways to communicate, synchronize, and be resourceful in limited time and space. As a teacher, it was a dream to watch the class come alive and enjoy the process of learning. — Sejal Patel

Watch a snippet of the process:

Watch one of the final products:

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