BVR academics: Senior Show 2020

Senior Show 2020

Welcome to The 2020 Senior Show at Beaver Country Day School, well not exactly at Beaver Country Day School, but here online, where the Beaver community has been buzzing since late March.

The artwork on view was made by students taking a class called Senior Studio, which aims to create an environment for young artists that closely resembles that of a professional working artist; no projects are assigned. Students set up their own workspaces and develop their own artistic practice. They make art daily, research the work of professional artists, participate in critiques, read about the creative process, and discuss their work with each other.

This group of young artists began working together in December 2019, and just as they were about to kick it into high gear, schools in Massachusetts closed. They were stuck at home, many without their artwork, without supplies, and without each other. They were faced with the emotional burden of knowing the end of their senior year was uncertain. Making art was hard. Getting organized was hard. They persevered and here is what they made.


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