Club Spotlight: STEM Club


Upper School

Club: STEM Club
Club Leaders: Hannah Shermak ’25, Wren Lacey ’25, Ryan McDaniel ’24
Terms Running: Fall, Winter, Spring

In STEM Club they like to do small experiments such as making ice cream or slime in a way to see chemical reactions occur. Other days, they enjoy relaxing by watching documentaries.

“Every week is a different experience. We’re a community that has fun together. Students can drop in without any previous knowledge; it’s just enjoying science with other people.” – Club Leaders of STEM Club

They talked about their favorite experiments. Hannah Shermak ’25 enjoyed making dry ice. By mixing dry ice and soap, the club saw how bubbles were created from the carbon dioxide reaction.

Ryan McDaniel ’24 enjoyed making ice cream by putting ingredients in a bag, and put ice and kosher salt in a separate bag. By shaking the bag it creates ice cream.

Hannah Shermak ’25 liked building a structure out of spaghetti and marshmallows to see how high it could stand.

Upper School clubs meet every Tuesday. Click here to see the full list of Upper School clubs.

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