Fostering a culturally responsive education with Dr. Stembridge

Dr. Stembridge's Big six themes of cultural responsive education, CRE

A look inside the work our faculty is doing to create and foster a diverse and inclusive classroom, community, and Beaver experience.

This September and March, Middle School faculty have an opportunity to work with Dr. Adeyemi Stembridge.  The fall workshop will focus on the rigor part of the big six themes (pictured above) outlined in his book Culturally Responsive Education in the Classroom; the theme of the spring workshop will be determined at a later date.

The goals of these workshops

  • We expect all Beaver teachers to use Culturally-Response Teaching (CRT)—a pedagogy that fosters equity.
  • We want to make sure students are exploring diverse perspectives from different groups—both marginalized and those in the majority—as they study and discuss topics in class. This also includes diversity within underrepresented groups, which are often portrayed as monolithic.
  • The very nature of CRT necessitates diversity and inclusion (as illustrated in Dr. Stembridge’s Big Six).
  • It’s extremely difficult (if not impossible) to design an excellent lesson without considering engagement or relationships. Teachers need students’ attention before they can explore the concepts in their lessons. Attention without engagement (aka passive learning) rarely entails long-term retention or the ability to transfer knowledge to new situations. Engagement is essential for these to occur.


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